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September 18th - 24th | Guardian Eflyer ­čŤĺ ­čŹé

At Guardian - Dartmouth we believe in Quality, Service and Low Prices. Our Eflyer Special Buys starts September 18th. #dartmouth #sale #shoplocal #bagel #nestlebars #brookside #bestdealsoftheweek

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Brookside Almonds or Chocolate & Fruit
210g | Regular $5.99 
Sale | $2.88
Mrs Field's Choc Chip Cookie Cake
432g  | Regular $3.99
Sale | $1.88
Nestle Variety Bars (British Edition)
6 Bars  | Regular $6.99
Sale | $4.77
Gatorade or G2 Sports Drinks
710ml | Regular $2.49
Sale 2/$2.22
Dove Body Wash Family Size
500ml | Regular $7.99
Sale | $3.44
Great Northern® Cabin Leggings
1 Pair | Regular $19.99
Sale | $12.99
Densley & Co® Kids Critter Puzzle Socks
1 Pair | Regular $2.99
Sale | $1.77
Densley &Co® Jr Foodie Slippers
1 Pair | Regular $6.99
Sale | $3.97
Jenere Sales® Iphone 6/7/8/X
Lightning Cord | Regular $3.99
Sale | $1.88
Jenere Sales® Mini Scented Mason Candle
Assorted| Regular $1.99
Sale | 2/$3
Meow Mix® Savoury Morsels
 78g | Regular 69┬ó
Sale | 47¢
Mean Green® Super WIpes
35 Wipes | Regular $3.99
Sale | $1.57
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Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday night from 5pm until about 8pm and Saturday afternoons, we have one on one information sessions to get you started on the path to weight loss. Register for a private session or learn more about the program.

375 Pleasant St. Dartmouth NS
Phone (902) 469-2009
Open: Monday- Friday 9am-9pm | Saturday 9am-6pm | Sunday 11am-6pm.

We reserve the right to limit quantities to normal household consumption. We do our best to forecast demand, however if we run out, rainchecks may be offered for products normally carried. We only accept 4 Manufacturers coupons on the same advertised Item(s) per family. We do not accept web printed coupons unless specific for Guardian - Dartmouth Gate.